New Faces & Changes at NCTR

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January 10, 2023 — To usher in the New Year, NCTR announces the addition of new faces to the team, with current team members taking on new roles.

Meet our New Staff Members 

Elizabeth Hearn joins NCTR as a Director of Programs, in which she’ll support residencies in NCTR’s Network. Prior to joining NCTR, she served as the Founding Director of the CREATE Teacher Residency in Atlanta.

Eduardo Lara, Ph.D., also joins our NCTR team as a Director of Programs. A seasoned disrupter-of-inequities, in this role, Dr. Lara champions a social justice approach toward supporting residencies across the network by providing technical assistance and support to partner sites.

Tyiesha Hoskins is an Associate Director of Programs at NCTR, bringing years of experience as a culturally responsive educator, curriculum developer, and as a previous teacher resident from one of NCTR’s partners – the East Harlem Tutorial Program.

Krystian Palmero also joins NCTR as an Associate Director of Programs, where Krystian will co-design and deliver culturally and linguistically sustaining practices (CLSPs) aligned with programming and consulting to teacher residencies across the teacher preparation continuum.

Jared Villanueva is the Associate Director of Operations at NCTR, where he works with the Chief Operations Officer to provide technical support for internal systems.

Celena Jenkins (not pictured) is the Director of Talent at NCTR, a new position designed to support the hiring and onboarding of new employees and contribute to the continuous improvement of DEI work at the organization.


Bill Kennedy, Ph.D., having previously served as a Managing Director of Programs, has now taken on the role of Managing Director of Partnerships and Development for NCTR, where he cultivates relationships and strengthens the organization’s profile in the funder and nonprofit sectors.

Randall Lahann, Ph.D., has been part of the NCTR team since 2021, serving as a senior advisor. Now, Dr. Lahann will serve as a Director of Programs, supporting the work of our Residency Design Academy.

Kelly Riling has transitioned out of her role as Director of Programs at NCTR, yet continues to support our teacher residency programs as the new Managing Director of Programs, supporting the work of our Network partners.

Wayne Shen previously served as the Director of Operations and Finance at NCTR and is now the Chief Operating Officer, working to expand NCTR’s financial modeling and analytics capabilities, while collaborating with teacher residencies to maintain their long-term sustainability.