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National Call to Action

Well-prepared teachers are integral to the academic growth and development of students. Yet, the United States is battling a shortage of teachers, particularly teachers of color, that has prompted the U.S. Secretary of Education to issue a national call to action.

How can we, as a nation, ensure that we are increasing the number of prospective, aspiring teachers to educate students for generations to come?

How can we ensure that we are recruiting and retaining teachers, especially teachers of color, to support the academic success of students of color?

How can we support hard-to-staff schools, school districts, and IHEs across the country to best serve their community and disrupt the historical inequities in education?

Ashley Tate is a teacher resident at the Nashville Teacher Residency. This photo was taken at Cameron Middle School.

Armani Alexander is a teacher resident at Memphis Teacher Residency. This picture was taken at Treadwell Elementary School.

NCTR is Making An Impact…

The National Center for Teacher Residencies is dedicated to developing, launching, supporting, and accelerating the impact of teacher residency programs across the United States. We believe that by building and developing teacher residencies to increase the number of effective, diverse, and culturally responsive educators in the school districts and communities of our Network member programs, we are contributing toward addressing the enduring and systemic inequities in school systems.

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For aspiring teachers looking for mentorship and teacher preparation while working in a classroom, become a teacher resident with one of our Network members.

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For new teacher residency programs as well as school districts or institutions of higher education looking to develop a teacher residency, join our Network of residency programs.

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For anyone looking to learn about advocating in support of teacher residency programs and the teacher residency movement, visit our Policy and Advocacy page.

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Support the Teacher Residency Movement

For all supporters of our cause, NCTR is thankful for your support, which allows us to continue investing in the preparation of teacher residents directly and support more teacher residency programs across the country as we address the national call to action.

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