Annual Report

Explore our impact through our latest annual report data.

Our annual report data documents NCTR’s impact as well as that of our Network teacher residencies.

NCTR's 2022-2023 data collection indicates that the teacher residency movement is growing in scale and influence with teacher residency graduates of NCTR Network members now serving over half a million students across the United States.

NCTR’s Black Educators Initiative (BEI) is making a significant impact on recruiting and preparing teachers of color in teacher residency programs as NCTR reports the highest ever percentage of teacher residents of color enrolled at 69%.

For the 2022-2023 academic year, NCTR surveyed 739 teacher residents, 438 graduates, 721 mentor teachers, 274 principals who hosted teacher residents, and 225 principals who have recently hired graduates for over 30 NCTR Network programs.

Christian Watkins is a teacher resident at the Memphis Teacher Residency. This photo was taken at Dunbar Elementary School.


teacher residents recruited & prepared by NCTR Network teacher residency programs


of teacher residents identify as a person of color


of mentor teachers identify as a person of color


of graduates return to teach for a third year


students being taught by graduates of a NCTR Network teacher residency program

*Data points collected from the 2022-2023 academic year

Teacher Residencies are Impacting
the Teaching Profession

An increase in new programs & graduates are strengthening the national teacher residency movement.

NCTR Network teacher residency programs have seen an increase in the total number of teacher residents enrolled for the 2022-2023 academic year for the second consecutive year. Also, in 2022, NCTR welcomed 22 aspiring teacher residency programs (as compared to 14 programs last year) into its nationally known Residency Design Academy (RDA).

The NCTR Network’s collective impact continues to grow having graduated over 9,000 teacher residents who are positively impacting their students and school communities.

Enrollment in NCTR Network Programs

NCTR Network Program Graduates

Size & Geography of the NCTR Network

Teacher residency programs are preparing an unprecedented number of teachers of color.

NCTR Network teacher residency programs are more diverse than ever with 69% of teacher residents and 49% of mentor teachers who identify as a person of color (POC). This surpasses the national percentage of teachers of identify as a person of color, as NCTR builds upon its mission to continue diversifying the field.

Black Graduate Retention Rate

For the first time ever, NCTR’s Black graduate retention rate is the highest among all other racial groups. NCTR’s data is especially notable because national data reports that 10% of all Black teachers leave the profession entirely each year — the highest percentage among all racial and ethnic groups.

Retention by Race and Ethnicity

All 86%
Black or African American 94%
Prefer not to say 92%
Hispanic or Latinx/e 82%
Other race or ethnicity 81%
Asian or Asian American 77%
White 76%
American Indian or Alaskan Native 34%
Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander 0%
Teacher residencies continue to prepare effective teachers who stay in the classroom.

Principals, teacher residents, and teacher residency graduates that were surveyed indicate that NCTR Network teacher residency programs effectively prepare teacher residents for their roles in the classroom in addition to preparing them to stay in the field after graduation, especially at a time when it is critical to not only recruit, but also retain effective, diverse, and culturally responsive educators.

of principals report that the graduates are more effective than the typical first-year teachers
of principals report that the program is preparing teacher residents to be effective teachers
of principals report that teacher residents are integrated into their school community
of graduates and teacher residents report that the program prepared them to be effective teachers
of graduates report to be better preparaed than the typical first-year teacher
of graduates return to teach for a third year
of graduates return to teach in a partner district or CMO for a third year
Teacher residencies create opportunities for mentor teachers to improve their practice.

A significant percent of mentor teachers indicate that serving as a mentor has positively impacted their work.

Teacher residents continue to serve in high-need areas.

Teacher residency programs use data from their partner school district(s) to identify shortage areas and collaboratively prepare teacher residents to fill those positions.

Principals understand the value of teacher residencies.

A significant percentage of principals surveyed indicated that teacher residents are positively contributing to their school’s culture and student learning.


of hosting principals report that having a teacher resident positively impacted student learning and achievement


of hosting principals report that graduates positively impacted school culture

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