Levers for Equitable Teacher Residencies

Since its inception in 2007, NCTR has tied its work to standards for teacher residencies.

These levers build upon NCTR’s past standards and reflect the knowledge gained through working with dozens of high-performing residency programs in response to research-based practice findings focused on recruiting, preparing, and retaining highly effective day-one ready teachers, particularly teachers of color.

Currently, the United States stands at an important turning point for both policy and practice in the area of teacher education. There were just a handful of teacher residencies around the United States when NCTR began its work. There are now over 100 programs around the country. As the teacher residency movement grows, NCTR is steadfast in its commitment to building and strengthening high-quality teacher residency programs and ensuring that these pathways remain committed to dismantling systemic inequalities in our public school systems.

In 2021, NCTR revised its standards. Now called the Levers for Equitable Teacher Residencies, NCTR’s consulting for emerging and existing teacher residency programs is based on the levers and designed to ensure successful implementation of programs using the interconnected eight levers below.

Partnering & Designing for Equity

Establish and sustain diverse organizational partnerships with community stakeholders. Design for equity from a clear, shared mission and vision.

Training Site Recruitment, Selection & Support

Recruit and select training sites that value equity and SEL for staff and students. Provide ongoing support to training sites to link clinical experience to academic curriculum.

Mentor Recruitment, Selection & Support

Recruit, select and train mentors who reflect the diverse identities of students and the community. Support mentors to advance as teacher leaders.

Resident Recruitment & Selection

Recruit, select and onboard a diverse cohort of residents who reflect the diverse identities of the students in the community.

Residency Leadership

Make clear decisions, collaborate with stakeholders, advocate for the residency model at all organizational levels, elevate the voice of the marginalized, and focus on a mission and vision in the service of disrupting inequities.

Residency Year Experience

Identify, teach and assess culturally sustaining high priority resident practices, designed to affirm and engage all students. Utilize a gradual release model focused on increasing resident responsibilities.

Financial Sustainability

Develop a sustainable financial model that will ensure programmatic sustainability. Develop a financial package that is equitable and enticing to residents.

Graduate Support

Support and coach graduates to ensure they work in safe and supportive environments. Coach and mentor graduates after they have left the program.