Collaborating to Determine the National Definition of a Teacher Residency


June 7, 2022 — The National Center for Teacher Residencies (NCTR) is a member of the Pathways Alliance, a coalition of education organizations focused on diverse, inclusive and robust teacher preparation. As a member, we are co-leading a working group to create a national definition for teacher residencies. We feel privileged to have joined several organizations as part of the working group defining residencies: AACTE; Bank Street; Learning Policy Institute; Marshall Teacher Residency; TX Region 4 Education Service Center; and the Opportunity Culture. 

In May, the working group shared a draft of the definition to elicit input and feedback from education leaders from teacher residency programs, school districts, schools of education, community-based organizations, and state departments of education. The goal for developing a shared definition of teacher residencies is to ensure we have articulated clear attributes that are essential to residencies and lead to diverse, well-prepared teachers for education preparation providers, districts, community-based organizations, philanthropy, and policymakers. 

NCTR is honored to be a part of this work which complements our own evolution to codify and define the residency model for stakeholders interested in the design, launch, implementation and support of teacher residencies. You can find NCTR’s Levers for Equitable Teacher Residencies, our latest iteration which centers equity in education, on our website and at the core of our programming and services. NCTR along with our colleagues at the Pathways Alliance look forward to sharing the definition of teacher residencies with you soon.