Levers for Effective Teacher Residencies

Since its inception in 2007, NCTR has tied its work to Standards for Teacher Residencies.

These standards have been revised multiple times to reflect the knowledge gained through working with dozens of high-performing residency programs in response to research-based practice findings focused on recruiting, preparing, and retaining highly-effective day-one ready teachers, particularly teachers of color.

Currently, we stand at an important turning point for both policy and practice in the area of teacher education. There were just a handful of teacher residencies around the United States when NCTR began its work. There are now over one hundred programs around the country. As the residency movement grows, NCTR is steadfast in its commitment to building and sustaining high-quality teacher residency programs and ensuring that these high-quality pathways remain committed to dismantling systemic inequalities in our public school systems. At this crossroads, we have made the decision to revise our Standards. Our new Standards are called the Levers for Effective Teacher Residencies.

Currently, NCTR is in the process of developing technical assistance for our partners to ensure they are able to successfully implement the Levers. We expect to share the Levers with the public in late summer 2021.