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NCTR is the only organization in the nation dedicated to developing, launching, supporting, and accelerating the impact of teacher residency programs.

By preparing a new kind of teacher inside the classroom – providing the practical learning, the hands-on experience and the support network they need to be effective right away – NCTR and its teacher residency program partners are building a real movement for education reform from the ground up.

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It's the only model of teacher preparation that not only prepares strong new teachers, but also enhances the knowledge, skills, and commitment of veteran teachers.
Terry Dozier, Director, RTR, Richmond, VA
By the time the end of the year has come, if I have a vacancy, I know who I want and I know who's prepared. And they are prepared.
Anna Galvan, Principal, Dallas
I know that next year, when I step in front of a classroom full of my own students I'm really going to have those skills to be successful.
Angelica McGhee, Resident Teacher, Dallas
As our residents become teachers in our district, they are coming into the classroom really prepared to begin day one using quality effective practices.
Daniel Snowberger, Superintendent, Durango School District 9R

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