National Center for Teacher Residencies

NCTR launches, sustains and scales a network of high-performing residency programs dedicated to preparing highly effective teachers that will transform educational practices nationwide.

Strategic Priorities

  • Develop and expand high-quality graduate and undergraduate teacher residency programs across the nation

  • Influence and improve teacher preparation practices nationwide

By focusing on these two priorities, NCTR will:

  1. Prove the efficacy and efficiency of teacher residency programs
  2. Scale high-quality residency programs nationwide
  3. Reduce barriers to high-quality preparation
  4. Enable districts to create a pipeline of highly-effective teachers

NCTR is a not-for-profit organization that serves a growing national network of high performing residency programs. Founded in 2007, NCTR is the only organization in the nation dedicated to developing, launching and supporting the impact of residency programs. NCTR partners with school districts, charter management organizations, institutions of higher education, not-for-profits, and states to develop and support teacher residency programs as quality pipelines of effective and diverse new teachers.

NCTR is headquartered in Chicago with virtual staff located across the country.


Core Strategies

NCTR addresses the growing need to develop, innovate, and sustain high-quality teacher residency programs nationwide.  To achieve this mission, NCTR focuses on four core strategies:

  1. Strategic Consulting

    Develop highly-effective, performance-based teacher residency programs by offering cutting-edge technical assistance.

  2. Next Generation Network

    Offer and facilitate responsive, innovative programming to improve impact and outcomes for a growing network of urban and rural residency programs.

  3. Practice to Policy

    Bridge the gap between practice and policy by focusing on state and federal level reform initiatives, financial sustainability, and program scale.

  4. Research & Evaluation

    Identify, explore, and disseminate best practices and lessons learned from residencies to influence teacher preparation practices nationwide and to support the continuous improvement of NCTR’s other core strategy areas.

Together these initiatives will accelerate the advancement of residencies as a teacher pathway that prepares truly effective teachers for high-need classrooms, thereby influencing all of teacher preparation.


Press and Media Inquiries

All press and media inquiries can be directed to NCTR’s Director of Communications, Kent Fischer, at and 207.376.6282.