NCTR Releases Report That Examines State Policies Focused on Teacher Residencies


January 31, 2024 — Teacher residencies are an important and growing teacher preparation and support pathway that can help address a range of challenges faced by states across the country, including shortages of teachers in high-need schools and districts, educator satisfaction and retention, and the diversity and quality of the teacher workforce. 

The teacher residency movement has gained significant ground over the past several years—one of the primary facilitators of that growth has been state policies focused on teacher residencies. The National Center for Teacher Residencies (NCTR) has released a report that aims to take stock of the current policy environment for teacher residencies. 

The report, titled “State Policies to Support Teacher Residencies: An Overview,” outlines current information about which states have defined teacher residencies and components of teacher residencies in state policy, those that have funded teacher residency programs, and those that have established GYO and teacher apprenticeship state policies and programs, creating a strong foundation for the continued growth and development of teacher residencies. 

The report also includes case summaries of how three states (Colorado, New Mexico, and New York) are advancing policy in ways that are aligned with NCTR’s Levers for Equitable Teacher Residencies. As a call to action, the report concludes with strategies and recommendations for state policymakers to continue to foster a healthy policy ecosystem that allows teacher residencies to flourish and to attract, prepare, and retain the diverse and effective teachers that their students and schools need.

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