A national effort to recruit, develop, and retain Black educators

NCTR's Black Educators Initiative

NCTR’s Black Educators Initiative will improve student outcomes by increasing student access to effective, diverse teachers. We launched the initiative in September 2019 after receiving a five-year, $20-million grant to recruit, develop, and retain 750 new Black teachers through our national Network of teacher residency partners. This funding allows NCTR to invest in residency programs that are improving diversity through new and innovative strategies.

Our grantee partner residencies will develop a suite of support services for Black teacher candidates, such as scholarships, living stipends, affinity groups, and emergency funds. They will also strengthen the preparation candidates will receive throughout their residency year by examining the design of their programs. Grantees will share insights and knowledge with each other through a professional learning community.

This collective learning will inform new research and support all of our Network partners, and it will help the teacher preparation field better understand how to diversify the teaching profession. 

Our 2019 Cohort of Grantees

We will be announcing our full list of 2019 grantees soon.

What's next

This year, NCTR and our grantees will dive into a yearlong Roundtable Series to examine research-based practices and tackle persistent challenges as a learning community. Topics include the effectiveness of emergency funds for candidates, mentor support, and resident effectiveness. NCTR will also seek to collaborate and receive guidance from national experts to help us maximize this opportunity. Over the next four years, new and additional grants from the NCTR Black Educators Initiative will be made through competitive grant applications.