Evaluation of the Connecticut Teacher Residency Program


Released January 22, 2024 — The National Center for Teacher Residencies’ (NCTR) Research and Evaluation team recently conducted an evaluation of the Connecticut Teacher Residency Program (CT-TRP). Founded in 2019, the Connecticut Teacher Residency Program (CT-TRP) is a teacher preparation pathway that partners with school districts as a “grow-your-own” model, leading to Connecticut state certification. CT-TRP has grown and now serves five regions across the state and partners with 26 different districts. The mission of the CT-TRP is to provide college graduates with an alternate route to certification based on a teacher residency model that focuses on recruiting, preparing, increasing, and retaining teachers of color in Connecticut.

NCTR’s Levers for Equitable Teacher Residencies are used as the theoretical basis for understanding the impact of CT-TRP and the potential for teacher residency programs more broadly. Using a mixed-methods approach, NCTR investigated six research questions pertaining to the impact of the program, the extent to which the program is diversifying the teacher workforce in Connecticut; the effectiveness of the mentoring component of the program; and policies and steps the program, state, and other institutions can adopt to continuously improve and grow teacher residencies. The report provides five recommendations in response to the findings.

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