The BEI Difference: 2020-2021 BEI Annual Report


Released June 2022 — The investment in the Black Educators Initiative (BEI) offers an opportunity to highlight the promising components of the teacher residency model, ultimately demonstrating what it requires to recruit, prepare, and retain Black educators. NCTR’s BEI attempts to invest, when possible, in the same teacher residency programs year after year to provide a predictable source of revenue to recruit more Black candidates into the program. Doing this also allows NCTR to gain powerful insight into the impact this support has toward meeting objectives of BEI. In Year 2, NCTR added six additional teacher residency programs to the initiative. The increase in programs allowed NCTR to provide $3.7 million of support to 251 Black teacher candidates in 14 teacher residency programs in 10 states and the District of Columbia.