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Ed Herrera

Chief Finance and Operating Officer


Edward Herrera serves as the chief operating and financial officer at Braven, Inc., a national organization that empowers promising, underrepresented young people—first-generation college students, students from low-income backgrounds, and students of color—with the skills, confidence, experiences, and networks necessary to transition from college to strong first jobs, which lead to meaningful careers and lives of impact. Previously, he was the chief financial officer at the LGBT Center in New York City, the second largest community center in the nation, and financial controller at BMW of Manhattan—the only entity in North America still owned by BMW Global.

Originally from California and now a NYC resident, Herrera advocates for diversity and inclusion in the nonprofit sector and is involved with organizations that promote equal opportunities for underrepresented groups. He holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of California, San Diego, and an MBA from Baruch College in New York City.



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