U.S. Departments of Education and Labor Release NGS for Teacher Apprenticeships


August 1, 2023 — On July 27, 2023, the U.S. Departments of Education and Labor released the National Guidelines for Apprenticeship Standards for K-12 Teacher Apprenticeships to expand registered apprenticeships for educators and invest in teacher preparation programs. The guidelines were developed by Pathways Alliance in collaboration with a working group that encompassed federal, state, and local workforce and education leaders focused on establishing a standard benchmark for high-quality K-12 teaching apprenticeship models. The National Center for Teacher Residencies served as a member of the working group in development of the national guidelines.

The guidelines outline the requirements and responsibilities apprenticeship programs must fulfill, including a comprehensive work process schedule detailing the professional and pedagogical skills apprentices will develop. The culmination of an eight-month effort, these guidelines represent a significant milestone in ensuring the efficacy and excellence of teaching apprenticeship programs nationwide. The National Guidelines for Apprenticeship Standards can guide states, school districts, and other apprenticeship sponsors to align their programs to quality standards for K-12 teachers. They can also provide a framework that partners can use to develop state-specific program standards and provide for expedited development and approval of new apprenticeship programs.

Check out the Pathways Alliance Reports page for additional resources, including a short piece entitled, “Why Apprenticeship Models?” as well as an overview piece about the importance of National Guidelines for Apprenticeship Standards. 

More information about registered teacher apprenticeships can be found in NCTR’s March 2022 memo about the relationship between teacher residencies and registered teacher apprenticeships and the March 2023 “NCTR Provides Further Guidance on Registered Apprenticeships.”

If you have questions regarding registered apprenticeships, please contact NCTR’s Director of Policy Cortney Rowland at crowland@nctresidencies.org