Stakeholder Perception Report – Full Report (2017)


Each year, the National Center for Teacher Residencies surveys residents, mentors, graduates, and principals to collect evidence of the effectiveness of residency programs, preparedness of residents, impact on schools, and performance of graduates. These perception data—coupled with other measures of student outcomes, teacher evaluations, and recruitment, selection, and retention data—contribute to a body of evidence that demonstrate the residency movement’s overall effectiveness and impact.

In school year 2016-17 NCTR surveyed partner residency programs across the country. In all, 418 residents, 320 mentors, 199 graduates, and 73 principals responded to the survey. Together, they represent 19 residency programs. The 2017 Stakeholder Perceptions Report analyses the data provided by these key stakeholders and answers key research questions to measure NCTR’s implementation and impact.