Drivers of Teacher Preparation


“Drivers of Teacher Preparation: Landscape Analysis” (Landscape Analysis) is a new paper that provides a rich research base for the drivers of high-quality clinical preparation developed and implemented with support from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation as a part of their Alliance for Advancing Justice By Transforming Teacher Education initiative. Through this initiative, NCTR will partner with more than 30 residency programs that will prepare 2,500 new teachers for high-need schools, and will use data and research to implement four key drivers of transformational teacher preparation: Refine provider programming to be competency-based and clinically focused; Collect and use implementation and impact data to improve program design; Improve educator and teacher educator effectiveness; and Ensure graduates are successful in their school systems and communities. The Landscape Analysis grounds NCTR’s work on the above drivers of high-quality, clinically oriented teacher preparation in the extant research, and articulates the strengths and areas for growth within the field of teacher preparation through an extensive review of the literature. This report serves as the launching point for NCTR’s work on the Alliance for Advancing Justice initiative, which enhances opportunities for NCTR’s Next Generation Network partners to collaborate and engage in high-quality and relevant initiatives that directly improve student outcomes.