Advancing Curriculum Literacy Through Teacher Residencies


Released November 2022 –In 2020, NCTR and EdReports forged a partnership to address the need for teacher curriculum literacy development and awareness of high-quality instructional materials (HQIM) during teacher residents’ pre-service training. NCTR continued this work with five of our partner programs with the goal of providing teacher residency programs with support to help their teacher residents become more knowledgeable consumers and users of HQIM. NCTR is pleased to share the learnings from Phase 2 of this work with our report, “Advancing Curriculum Literacy Through Teacher Residencies: Insights from Phase 2 of an NCTR-EdReports Partnership to Change How Pre-Service Teachers in Teacher Residency Programs Choose and Use High-Quality Instructional Materials.

A special thank you to our amazing program partners engaged in this important work—CSU Bakersfield Black Educator Teacher Residency (BETR), Clarkson University, Memphis Teacher Residency, Seattle Teacher Residency, and William Carey University—and much gratitude to the Carnegie Corporation of New York who made this work possible.

Read Phase 2’s Executive Summary.

Read about Phase 1 in the report “Preparing Day-One Ready Teachers.”