Residency programs endorsed in ESEA Reauth bill 

Teacher and principal residency programs, which provide clinical teacher preparation are included in the ESEA reauthorization bill, the Every Student Succeeds Act, S. 1177.  “School districts and higher education programs are looking to the residency model to completely redefine how a new teacher is prepared,” Tamara Azar, chief external relations officer for the National Center for Teacher Residencies, told Education Daily®.

Education Daily
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How a Boston program is transforming the way we train teachers 

 The Boston Teacher Residency, an AmeriCorps service program that recruits future teachers and places them in schools for practical experience is being heralded as a model for training teachers. And other cities have begun to take notice. NewsHour’s Christopher Booker reports.

PBS Newshour

Boston Reinvents Teacher Training 

How to recruit, grow, and keep teachers in a tough urban climate.


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Teaching teachers: what’s the best way? 

Some policymakers say the focus needs to be on improving traditional education schools, while others are advocates of so-called alternative models, which can speed up entry into the profession.

By Amanda Paulson, The Christian Science Monitor

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Teacher Training, Tailor-Made 

Three innovative, highly selective teacher training programs are described.

By Katherine Newman, Education Next

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Teacher ‘Residencies’ Get Federal Funding to Augment Training 

The U.S. Department of Education gives $43 million to support the development and expansion of teacher residency programs.

Stephen Sawchuk, Education Week

Standards for Teacher Residency Programs 

UTRU’s revised Quality Standards for Teacher Residency Programs are discussed in this blog post.

Stephen Sawchuk, Education Week

Momentum Builds to Restructure Teacher Education 

An analysis of the recent National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education report on teacher preparation.

Stephen Sawchuk, Education Week

To Transform Failing Schools, New Teachers Take Up Residence 

Residencies are highlighted in this blog about using the teacher residency model as an integral part of turning around low-performing schools. The NYC Teaching Residency, which launched this fall, is the main focus, while UTRU, I-START, and the New Visions-Hunter College UTR are also referenced.

Geoff Decker,

Teachers at Minority-Heavy Schools Paid Less, Survey Finds 

Data released this week shows that teachers at schools serving predominantly minority students are paid less than their counterparts. This article examines why this is the case and includes a quote from Anissa Listak, Executive Director of UTRU.

Dylan Scott, Governing magazine

Why Do Good Teachers Leave? 

The Boettchers Teacher Program and UTRU were featured in this piece on the need to retain good teachers in high-need schools. Anissa Listak, UTRU Executive Director, was interviewed.


Steel City Blues: Behind the Collapse of a Teacher Residency 

Education Sector reports on the collapse of Pittsburgh’s teacher residency program. Christine Brennan, UTRU Program Manager, is quoted in the report.

Susan Headden, Education Sector

Newark Sets Aside “Village” for Teachers 

An interesting idea has come out of Newark: will sleek new apartments designed by a world famous architect attract and keep more teachers in their city? UTRU is mentioned as a best practice for training and supporting new teachers in challenging cities and districts.

Samantha Henry, Associated Press

Apprentice Program to Train New Seattle Teachers 

In this profile of the Seattle Teacher Residency, Anissa Listak (UTRU Executive Director) sheds some light on the residency model.

Linda Shaw, Seattle Times