State Policy Consulting

NCTR's state policy consulting services are designed to help states adopt state policies that support teacher residency development and sustainability.

NCTR's state policy consulting drives the sustainability and expansion of the teacher residency model and strengthens the movement toward clinical-based preparation.

NCTR works with state education agencies (SEAs), governors’ offices, state boards of education, and state legislators to provide consultative services designed to create supportive state policy landscapes that support teacher residency development and sustainability.  Our consultative engagements typically focus on providing the following types of services:

  • Develop Requests for Proposals (RFPs) or Requests for Applications (RFAs) to distribute state funding for teacher residencies.
  • Draft statutory or regulatory language.
  • Draft recommendations to state legislatures, governors, or state boards of education on how to direct a state’s support and investments in teacher residencies.
  • Provide technical assistance on how states can invest in improving working conditions for teachers of color, attract and retain them in the profession.
  • Conduct landscape analyses that identify assets and gaps, existing interventions, and resources that could be directed toward improving teacher preparation, effectiveness, and retention.
  • Lead stakeholder convenings to engage current and potential stakeholders in a process to collect input on the state of educator preparation in a state.
  • Conduct needs assessments.
  • Conduct policy audits.

Current and former Clients  include:

  • the California Department of Education;
  • the Delaware Department of Education;
  • the Indiana Department of Education; 
  • the Illinois State Board of Education;
  • the Louisiana Department of Education;
  • the Mississippi Department of Education; and
  • the West Virginia Department of Education.


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