Building New Programs

The residency model is unlike any other kind of teacher preparation program.

It prepares teachers to be ready on their first day in the classroom through rigorous school-based practice. From beginning to end, every aspect of the model is designed to provide teachers the knowledge, skills, and disposition they need to make an immediate impact in an urban classroom — a difference every one of their students will experience.

New Site Development Program

The New Site Development Program (NSDP) is NCTR’s signature program to develop new, high-performing teacher residencies.  The NSDP spans a full two years of content and programming, with the first culminating in the launch of the residency program.  If a participating program meets NCTR’s quality standards after its launch, NCTR will provide a second year of programming and support, which ensure the programs’ long-term success and sustainability.

Residency Foundations

This six to twelve-month program is designed to guide aspiring programs in determining the feasibility and sustainability of a residency program in their area.  Residency Foundations focuses on making strategic partnership, financial, staffing, and program management decisions, which will enable programs to experience long-term success. Program participants often decide to seamlessly move into NCTR’s New Site Development Program immediately following Residency Foundations.