Strategic Consulting

NCTR's consulting services capitalize on the knowledge we have gained from years of developing effective teacher residency programs.

Whether we are building teacher residencies, helping existing teacher residencies improve, or working with traditional teacher preparation programs to implement components of the residency model, our consulting services are tailored to meet to the contextual needs of the communities we are working in and among. NCTR has a track record of helping school districts, charter schools, and institutions of higher education improve teacher effectiveness, diversity, and retention. Additionally, NCTR's residency model has a unique impact on the effectiveness of mentors who work alongside teacher residents.

NCTR programs and services are built upon our research-based Levers for Highly Effective Teacher Residencies, which define the design and implementation targets of high performing residency programs and identify the benchmarks for program development.

NCTR services are offered to emerging, as well as existing, teacher residency programs.