Residency Design Academy

With NCTR's help, you'll understand and work towards implementing a high-quality teacher residency in your community.

Teacher residencies are the most comprehensive model of teacher preparation in the nation. New teacher residencies play a critical role in recruiting candidates of color to the profession and in improving district and university goals around teacher diversity, impact, and innovation.

Nationally Known Program for Developing Teacher Residencies

The Residency Design Academy (RDA, formerly known as New Site Development) is NCTR’s nationally known program to build, scale, and sustain a high-quality teacher residency program, “soup to nuts.” It’s the national technical assistance program for developing highly effective residency programs. NCTR partners are among the most recognized in the nation. 

Residency Design Academy members gain access to the NCTR RDA curriculum and programming designed to: 

  1. Build shared vision: Programs will identify the needs of their local community and design the teacher residency to address teacher shortages, diversity, quality, and retention.
  2. Build efficacy: NCTR research curriculum, technical assistance, consulting, and evaluation provides scaffolds to ensure that design teams achieve their vision.
  3. Build a movement: As RDA programs pivot from design to launch, new teacher residencies will join a Network of NCTR partner residencies committed to advancing the teacher residency model.

Programming Overview

Tailored Consulting

NCTR offers tailored consulting to teacher residencies to meet the unique needs of the program and partnership. Partners can engage in tailored consulting along with their RDA, Network Foundations, or Network membership depending on their needs. Tailored consulting offerings include but are not limited to: recruitment and selection strategy, curricular equity audits, financial sustainability and modeling, coursework innovation and revision, program evaluation and residency inventory, data system support, and the development of a scope and sequence for the teacher resident clinical experience or mentor professional development. NCTR works closely with partners to collaboratively develop a tailored and context-driven consulting package that directly meets the needs of the teacher residency program.