Programs & Services

NCTR programs and services are offered to emerging and existing teacher residency programs.

NCTR programs and services are built upon its research-based Levers for Equitable Teacher Residencies, which define the design and implementation targets of high-performing teacher residency programs and identify the benchmarks for program development.


Alexis Singleton is a teacher resident at Memphis Teacher Residency. This picture was taken at Westhaven Elementary School.

Residency Design Academy

Residency Design Academy (RDA) is the most thorough way for partnerships of school districts, IHEs, CMOs, and/or nonprofit organizations to build a new residency program, or to leverage the model in an existing program. NCTR and RDA partners mutually set a timeline and goals for the hybrid in-person and virtual engagement. Through the engagement with NCTR, programs will understand and work towards implementing a high-quality teacher residency model in their own context.

NCTR Network

NCTR’s Network is comprised of the most innovative teacher residency programs in the nation. Each year, NCTR convenes Network partners to collaborate, exchange best practices, and share data in order to continuously improve their programs and influence teacher preparation nationally. Network partners involve their entire staff in taking advantage of the various offerings and opportunities for learning.

Elizabeth Olvey is a teacher resident at Memphis Teacher Residency. This picture was taken at Grizzlies Prep.
Martin Odima Jr. is a teacher mentor at Saint Paul Urban Teacher Residency.

Black Educators Initiative

The Black Educators Initiative (BEI) is a national call to action to recruit, prepare, and retain more Black educators through teacher residency programs. The initiative is designed to improve student outcomes by increasing student access to effective Black educators.


Each of our programs offer a unique set of services to our partner teacher residencies, yet all include research and evaluation support as well as policy guidance. 

Research & Evaluation

NCTR identifies, explores, and disseminates best practices and lessons learned from teacher residencies to influence teacher prep practices nationwide and support continuous improvement of NCTR’s core strategy areas.

Practice to Policy

NCTR bridges the gap between practice and policy by focusing on state and federal level education reform initiatives, financial sustainability, and program scale.