The National Center for Teacher Residencies (NCTR) Teacher Preparation Transformation Center will accelerate the impact of effective teacher residency programs, broadening the adoption of research-based preparation practices. Partnering with more than 30 residency providers over 3 years, NCTR will act as a research and evaluation laboratory, identifying, testing, and scaling best practices for clinically-based teacher preparation.  NCTR providers will prepare more than 2,500 new teachers for high need schools.

NCTR will guide providers in continuous learning and program improvement by using data, research, and examination of exemplar practices to:

  • Refine provider programming to be competency-based and clinically-focused;
  • Collect and use implementation and impact data to improve program design;
  • Improve educator effectiveness; and
  • Ensure graduates are successful in their school systems and communities.

Demonstration Sites

Building on NCTR’s existing expertise and capacity to deliver highly effective technical assistance, the Center will feature five expert Demonstration Sites.  Demonstration Sites will implement and test programming, serve as models, and act as a laboratories of learning and improvement.

Evaluation and Dissemination of Findings

NCTR will extend influence and improve the field of teacher preparation through a comprehensive evaluation of program implementation and impact, including the use of common evaluations metrics and other measures.  NCTR will continue a partnership with American Institutes for Research (AIR), capitalizing on their depth of expertise in teacher quality, program evaluation, and dissemination as well as their extensive experience designing data collection tools, analyzing and reporting data.

NCTR and AIR will disseminate findings to other transformation centers and preparation providers, offering direct access to the approaches, best practices, technical assistance, and evaluation metrics implemented by the Center.  Resources will include case studies highlighting best practices, technical assistance toolkits for implementation, and an annual Summit on Clinical Preparation.


The Center will scale its impact by accelerating provider impact and implementation and through the broad dissemination of findings.  In partnering with NCTR, providers will improve their effectiveness and reach. The Center will build the capacity of providers to meet the hiring needs of their high need partner districts and influence other providers to adopt the clinical-based residency model approach to preparation.

A list of the 2015 Demonstration Sites and other Providers is shown below.

For more information on the National Center for Teacher Residencies, contact Tamara Azar, NCTR’s Chief External Relations Officer

NCTR Transformation Center Providers

2016-17 Providers

Boettcher Teacher Residency
Boston Teacher Residency
Center for Inspired Teaching
Dallas Teacher Residency
Denver Teacher Residency
Denver Student Teacher Residency
East Harlem Teaching Residency
Jacksonville Teacher Residency
Los Angeles Urban Teacher Residency
Learning Partners-Urban Teacher Residency (New Visions for Public Schools)
Memphis Teacher Residency
Minneapolis Residency Program
New York City Teaching Collaborative
Philadelphia Teacher Residency
Project Inspire (Chattanooga)
Partnerships to Uplift Communities
Richmond Teacher Residency
Seattle Teacher Residency
San Francisco Teacher Residency
University of South Dakota
University of Chicago’s Urban Teacher Education Program