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We facilitate a robust network where innovative programs collaborate, share best practices, and partner with us to continuously improve their programs.

Teacher residency programs are, by definition, district-serving teacher education programs that pair a rigorous full-year classroom apprenticeship with masters-level education content. Residency programs uniquely serve this purpose, preparing teachers in district schools for district schools, so that teachers are prepared to be effective on their first day as teacher of record.

Partners Nationwide

Through a highly selective recruitment process, residencies attract a diverse group of talent college graduates.

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NCTR Network Partners

NCTR Network Partners are located throughout the United States and serve students in dozens of school districts.

  • Clarkson University

    The Clarkson Master of Arts in Teaching program features a full-year residency with a PK-12 school. Residents are placed in public and independent schools loca…

  • East Harlem Teaching Residency

    The East Harlem Teaching Residency, in partnership with Hunter College School of Education and Americorps.

  • New York City Teaching Collaborative

    A partnership between the New York City Department of Education and St. John’s Graduate School of Education

  • NYU Teacher Residency

    A partnership between NYU Steinhardt and district and charter partners across the US that is dedicated to transformative and innovative teaching and learning.

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