Since 2007, NCTR has co-developed and supported more than 20 teacher residency programs, all of which are contributing partners of the Next Generation Network. These partner programs each prepare highly-effective teachers with the knowledge and clinical experience to be classroom-ready on day one, resulting in a positive impact on student learning and high retention rates in districts that struggle with turnover.

NCTR’s annual network programming provides continuous support to all partners in their efforts to transform teacher preparation through the residency model. NCTR offers partners:

  • Access to leaders in teacher preparation
  • Affiliation with the highest performing residency programs in the nation
  • Cutting edge programming
  • Strategic support

The peer-to-peer opportunities, strategic support, and assessment services that comprise the network programming promote collective action, improvement and innovation, advocate for residencies nationwide, and strengthen teacher preparation writ large.

Peer-to-Peer Opportunities

Virtual Convenings

Partners examine shared problems of practice related to residency programming on a virtual platform. Each convening follows an NCTR facilitated and solution-oriented protocols to enable collective problem solving to improve program impact.

Network Strategy Groups

Virtual groups comprised of partners across the network examine issues of growth, scale and sustainability. Co-facilitated by NCTR and a network partner.

Instructional Rounds

Partners participate in a community of practice grounded in on-site observation of a residency program, focused on program and instructional improvement.

Annual Symposium

Partners engage in hands-on working sessions to build knowledge and skills on a particular theme or topic area of critical importance. Experts from multiple arenas share the latest research and promising teacher preparation practices.

Policy Convening

On a biannual basis, partners convene on Capitol Hill to meet with law-makers to discuss program impact, success and barriers to implementation, and demonstrate how residencies address teacher quality and quantity challenges in districts across the nation.

Summit on Clinical Teacher Preparation

Partners collaborate, share, and examine cutting-edge practices in the national shift toward clinically rich teacher preparation with leading other teacher educators from programs across the country.


Assessment Toolkit

Includes the development, distribution, and analysis of surveys examining program implementation across multiple network program stakeholders; a user-friendly guide to understanding the survey data; and a network trends report to share with local, state and national audiences.

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