The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has issued a request for information (RFI) focused on “building quality, innovation, and capacity” in teacher preparation programs.  The Gates Foundation is interested in supporting the development of “Teacher Preparation Transformation Centers” across the country.  The Transformation Centers will partner with preparation providers and other supporting organizations.

The Gates Foundation will focus their support on partnering with organizations that implement the following four key drivers of quality:

— Teacher preparation providers who build teacher candidate competency through practice.
— Teacher preparation providers who engage in authentic continuous improvement.
— Teacher preparation providers who ensure their own teacher educators are effective.
— Teacher preparation providers who are driven by school systems and the communities they serve with special emphasis placed on collaborating with school systems serving high-need communities.

The size of the award depends on a variety of measures including the number of teacher candidates and the depth of work proposed, but Gates anticipates 1 – 4 awards in the range of up to approximately $7 million over three years.

We strongly encourage our partners to to explore this opportunity.

RFI applications are due June 12 by 5pm PST.
  Find out how to apply here.