A Day in the Life of a Resident

After being selected into the teaching residency, new residents typically start the program with a cohort of other residents in summer orientation and begin graduate-level coursework.

As the school year approaches, residents are matched with an experienced teacher who specializes in mentoring residents based on their content area and grade level. Residents start the school year in the classroom with their mentoring teacher before students arrive, then co-teach four days per week throughout the year taking on increasing levels of responsibility. Performance-based assessments are conducted throughout the year, and residents receive formal and informal feedback from their mentor teachers, residency program staff, principals, and other support staff.

Residents continue to complete coursework and participate in seminar, typically one evening and one full day per week. In the spring, residents begin interviewing for full-time positions in a high-need school in the district. Residents graduate from the program after the end of the school year and go on to become the teacher of record at a hiring school. Throughout the first year of teaching, residents receive ongoing induction support from content and instructional coaches.

The Residency Year

Fall Semester Spring Semester Summer
Cohort Model Orientation Learning to teach alongside a cohort of fellow residents
Coursework Graduate-level coursework with weekly seminar
Apprenticeship Teaching and learning the school site, 4 days per week
Increasing teaching responsibilities
Matched with a mentor teacher Lead teaching Weeks(s) Lead teaching Week(s)
Evaluation Ongoing formal and informal coaching and feedback
Ongoing performance – based assessments
Post-Residency School hiring & support
Induction & ongoing professional development