The National Center for Teacher Residencies is proud to be a part of the Alliance for Advancing Justice by Transforming Teacher Education, a partnership supported by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. The centers engaged in this alliance believe that skillful, effective teacher preparation has the capacity to make skillful beginning teaching an expectation for all students, especially students from historically underserved communities and youth from historically marginalized and economically disadvantaged backgrounds. The Alliance for Advancing Justice by Transforming Teacher Education will work together on the following key drivers:

  • Programming that builds teaching competency through practice
  • Programming driven by k-12 school systems and the communities they serve
  • Supporting the development of effective teacher educators
  • Reflecting on our practice as individual programs and centers for the purpose of improving

In working toward a set of shared practices in teacher preparation and in the practice of those who educate teachers, we expect to change the narrative about beginning teaching being a trial by fire.  We commit to supporting and sustaining teacher preparation programs that nurture and teach these core practices to our next generation of teachers, and in doing so, remain accountable to the students we serve to give them they opportunities and options in life that they deserve as a fundamental principle of our democracy.