NCTR’s new Research and Evaluation department acts as the backbone of Strategic Consulting, Targeted Support Services, Next Generation Network, and Policy and Advocacy, ensuring that all NCTR initiatives are based on data, research and proven outcomes. Additionally, NCTR is committed to the dissemination of best practices and lessons learned to influence new and existing residencies, as well as teacher preparation practices writ large, thereby increasing student achievement in high-need classrooms.

NCTR’s Research and Evaluation initiative is focused on the following goals:

  1. Expand teacher residencies nationwide by demonstrating that residencies are an affordable and effective pathway for aspiring teachers and provide a return on investment for districts and universities

  2. Demonstrate the efficacy and long-term impact of the teacher residency model

  3. Disseminate seminal research on the efficacy and impact of the teacher residency model, thereby informing teacher preparation practices and policies nationwide

  4. Build and maintain relationships with key organizations to inform R&E work