Practice To Policy

In service to both the NCTR network, as well as the field of teacher preparation, NCTR’s Practice to Policy efforts are aimed at improving knowledge and understanding about the promise and impact of teacher residency programs.

NCTR’s Practice to Policy drives the sustainability and expansion of the teacher residency model and strengthens the movement toward clinical-based preparation through advocacy, collaboration, and marketing.

NCTR codifies best and promising practices from teacher residencies in the network to contribute to the broader landscape of teacher education.  NCTR collaborates with local, state, and federal governments, as well as national advocacy organizations, to improve conditions for teacher residencies and increase their individual and collective impact.

To transform the ways in which educators are prepared and supported, NCTR’s Practice to Policy efforts:

  1. Advocate for policies to support the launch, scale, and sustainability of teacher residency programs at the local, state, and federal level, including improving access to public funding sources for high quality preparation pathways

  2. Convene network programs to facilitate collective problem solving, idea sharing, and collaboration, improving the impact of residency programs nationwide

  3. Disseminate evidence-based practices to transform teacher preparation through research, publications, and presentations

  4. Collaborate with advocacy organizations to propel the movement of teacher residencies and increase their individual and collective impact