Mission & Vision


NCTR advances a network of high-performing residency programs dedicated to preparing highly effective teachers that will transform educational practices nationwide.


Access to a quality teacher is a right for all children.

Core Values

Preamble: The National Center for Teacher Residencies is transforming teacher preparation nationwide to ensure all children have access to an effective teacher. Our core values reflect who we are as an organization and how we work with our clients and our community.

– Solutions Oriented: We seek thoughtful and innovative solutions, embrace creativity, and pursue excellence.

– Continuous Learning: We challenge ourselves, revisiting and expanding our thinking, learning from the field and each other, rewarding curiosity and acting with integrity.

– Data Driven: We use data to understand the root cause of issues, implementing solutions that will have the greatest impact.

– Diversity, Equity & Inclusion: We invite a diverse set of backgrounds, experiences and perspectives to the table, honor each individual’s strengths, and build an inclusive environment committed to providing equitable opportunities for all.

– Collaboration: We build strong relationships, thoughtfully collaborating in an assets-based way and having courageous conversations.




  • Co-develop new residencies
  • Advance network of 20+ residencies
  • Influence state and national policies
  • Disseminate best practices


NCTR launched to develop, support, and promote teacher residencies


Pioneering residencies in Boston, Chicago, and Denver create informal partnership to exchange best practices